Elizabeth Willing: Between Courses

WHEN : 14th November - 21st December
WHERE : Spiro Grace Art Rooms

Elizabeth Willing’s practice examines gastronomy and the collective experience of food. Drawn to food for its accessibility and all encompassing role within life, Willing has come to explore the personal, public and political discourses surrounding the fundamental product. Interested in the structural limits of food she works across the studio and kitchen to manipulate these materials with a variety of traditionally informed and obscure techniques. She often switches between embracing and removing foods primary function. Her practice examines the masculine and feminine roles inherent in food preparation alongside the role of the automated machine, highlighting the desires and failings of the respective makers. Willing’s practice takes various forms including sculpture, installation, performance, and dining events.

EXHIBITION OPENING | 5-7pm Saturday November 14


December 3, 2015 6:00 – 8:30pm Spiro Grace Art Rooms

Dessert III is an intimate participatory artwork set at the dining table. Five sculptural courses of dessert are offered to subtly reposition our physical and psychological relationship to food.

Willing’s degustation desserts allow the artist to draw together an audience and artwork. Utilising the formal meal as a platform Willing explores the individual and collective experiences with art.  Through their construction the participatory artwork experience reconsiders the choreography of eating.

Dessert III will be presented among Willing’s concurrent exhibition Between Courses. Both the exhibition and the Dessert III events are presenting the work created throughout an 18 month research and work period in Berlin and Helsinki.

Tickets: $380 | To confirm your participation please email jenna@sgar.com.au


Image: Untitled (shortbread mould). 90x40x10cm. Hand carved acorn cookie mould and basic shortbread (shortbread is replaced when eaten)