Eugene Carchesio: Long Day’s Journey Into Light

WHEN : 5th - 23rd March
WHERE : Milani Gallery

Born Brisbane 1960; lives and works in Brisbane

Eugene Carchesio collects the images that emerge from the subconscious. Since the early 1980s he has built a solid reputation producing small scale watercolours and minute sculpture. Carchesio’s works fuse plays with geometric patterns and figurative symbolism. Through his subtle images Carchesio attempts to create an ontological space emptied of the clutter of everyday life, in which imagery from the subconscious can emerge. His considered placement of interlocking shapes alludes to the science of mathematics and highlights his interest in the purity of shapes and geometry. There is a distinct emphasis on process in Carchesio’s intimate works, this becomes manifest through the visible inconsistencies and variations of pigment application that can be observed in his works.

Image: Untitled (2014) Watercolour and collage on paper, 9 x 7 cm