WHEN : 22nd October - 8th November
WHERE : Metro Arts

FLEET brings together the work of twelve contemporary practitioners who, as well as maintaining a solo practice, make work within the space of ‘the third hand’.

Curated by OK YEAH COOL GREAT, a collaboration between artists Kate Beckingham and Anna McMahon, the works in FLEET explore themes of distortion, collision and the exploration of alternative representation. These themes mirror the processes of collaboration itself and specifically speak to the dissolution of the ego when two or more artists work together.

In collaborative practice the studio is transformed from a space of solitary interaction and production to a space of conversation, consultation, compromise and co-operation.  The ‘co’ replaces the ‘I’ and the direct conversation that is had between artist and audience is corrupted by the presence of the third hand that exists between multiple artists.

FLEET features work by six collaborative duos from interstate; Kylie Banyard and Ron Adams, Monika Behrens and Rochelle Haley, Charles Dennington and Tully Arnot, SuperKaleidoscope (Kim Fasher & Sarah Mosca), Darren Seltmann and Vicky Browne, and Todd Robinson and Mark Titmarsh.


ARTIST TALK / 22 October, 5.30PM

OPENING / 22 October 2014, 6PM

EXHIBITION / 22 October – 8 November 2014

FRIDAY NIGHT / 7 November, from 5:30PM onwards