Forging Ahead: STEEL panel discussion and floor talk

WHEN : 17th February, 1:00 - 2:45pm
WHERE : QUT Art Museum

Join us for the launch of Steel: art design architecture at QUT Art Museumwith a panel discussion hosted by Exhibition Curator Margaret Hancock Davis, Senior Curator at JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design, Adelaide.

Dating back 4000 years, the era of mass steel production began in the 19th century and today steel is one of the most pervasive materials in our society. Steel was a much-admired and new material for many Modernist architects, artists and designers, who sought ways to reveal its key characteristics of malleability and strength.

How is steel perceived and used today? What are the practical and aesthetic considerations of this medium in public art, design and architecture? Hear from leading local artists, designers and architects who are utilising steel in exciting and innovative ways throughout Brisbane and beyond, in this discussion about the art of working with steel.

Michael Walsh, General Manager of UAP Australia
Lincoln Austin, Artist
Brian Steendyk, Architect and Product Designer

This discussion is followed by a curator-led exhibition floor talk of the exhibition ‘STEEL: art design architecture’. Light refreshments and beverages will be available.

PANEL DISCUSSION 1.00-1.45pm | FLOOR TALK 2.15-2.45pm

IMAGE: Brodie NEILL, Reverb Wire Chair, 2010. Hand formed, mirror stainless steel rods.