Gregory Crewdson : In a Lonely Place

WHEN : 16th March – 25th May
WHERE : Institute of Modern Art

Crewdson’s images compress the melodrama of an entire movie, or soap-opera season, into a single, elaborately constructed scene.—New York Times

American photographer Gregory Crewdson is famous for his large-scale, staged, directed photographs that offer a surreal view of middle America. He says: ‘In all my pictures what I am ultimately interested in is that moment of transcendence, where one is transported into another place, into a perfect, still world.’ Crewdson is preoccupied with human alienation, his work has been compared to the melancholic paintings of Edward Hopper and the American-gothic films of David Lynch. The show features three series, Fireflies, Beneath the Roses, and Sanctuary.

Image : Gregory Crewdson, Untitled (Ophelia), 2001