Handled With Care – Design Futures

WHEN : 18th - 28th March
WHERE : Woolloongabba Art Gallery

This exhibition is based on a research project* titled “Handled with care: Developing the paradigm of ‘a culture of repair and share’ in Brisbane, Queensland”, which exists in a context that has been established and advanced in the past three decades, the interdisciplinary field of sustainable studies, including environmental sciences, humanities and design. The project’s objective has been to contribute to the sustainable studies field, and specifically, to waste management practices by making visible the impact of repair and sharing via identifying and mapping the yet to be discovered ‘culture of repair and share’ in Brisbane’s CBD. For its fulfilment, a digital platform, an App and a blog were created, grounded in research findings that revealed the facilities, practices and activities that support a sustainable urban living of mending the ‘broken’ and sharing space, resources, skills and time. Future aims of this project include the promotion of citizens’ engagement with repairing and sharing via skill and repair workshops, shared physical and urban spaces, exchange of services, and tool and appliance libraries.

Photographs of artefacts, projections of the final digital platform and blog, as well as graphic narratives will be presented by the volunteer research team of sessional staff member (Lennah Kuskoff), undergraduate and graduate students (Dominique Chen, Maddy Dwight, Melanie Gupta, Emma Hogdson, Kara Simpson, Akira Sutton, and Luke Thomasson), the creators of the website, app and blog (graphic designer Chenoa Pettrup and software engineer Petros Nyfantis), and chief investigator and curator Dr Eleni Kalantidou.

*The project was funded through the 2014 New Researcher Grant Scheme (Griffith University).

Artists: Dr Eleni Kalantidou, Dominique Chen, Maddy Dwight, Melanie Gupta, Emma Hodgson, Lennah Kuskoff, Chenoa Pettrup, Petros Nyfantis, Kara Simpson, Akira Sutton, Luke Thomasson

Opening Event: Friday, 20 March 2015 6 – 9pm