Imaginary Noise

WHEN : 6th September – 19th October
WHERE : Artisan

IMAGINARY NOISE: AN EXHIBITION OF COVERS FOR IMAGINARY ALBUMS. Rock’n’roll is littered with stories about possibilities and permutations. The Beach Boys’ “Smile” remained in a vault for forty years. The Beatles nearly called their final album “Everest”. David Bowie re-recorded his pre-fame hits on an album called “Toy”. Until a disc was stolen from Bowie’s producer’s car, the album remained ‘unreleased’. Then, there are albums that started life as one thing and became something else completely.

The Imaginary Noise exhibition will see artists create album covers for records that were never officially released, never completed or simply never previously imagined. The designs will be reproduced as a large digital print, so viewers will feel like they are walking through a giant record collection.