Incremental Maintenance

WHEN : Saturday, May 21 – June 25 at 6:00pm
WHERE : Boxcopy

New work by Brooke Ferguson

As a material manifestation of Brooke Ferguson’s ongoing performance works, ‘Incremental Maintenance’ is an exhibition that reflects the Brisbane artist’s continued interest in using simple materials, activities and gestures to generate potential artworks. For her solo exhibition at Boxcopy, Ferguson presents the outcome of vacuuming artist run initiatives. Looking to relocate, recontextualise and re-present the residual activities of art-making from other exhibition sites, here Ferguson collects the intangible signs of the body, the hinge between presence and absence. For the artist this process is informed by Duchamp’s idea of ‘infra mince’, one that implicates the potential of art to imagine the passage of one possibility to another. Of becoming receptive to the most minute of differences.

Image credit: Sam Cranstoun