WHEN : 20 May at 19:00 – 03 June
WHERE : Jugglers Art Space 103 Brunswick Street Brisbane, Australia

Featuring works by:
Danny FORD | Cara-Ann SIMPSON | Tarn MCLEAN | Fiona COCKFIELD | Farhana AHAD | Liam KEY | Rebecca ROSS | Alexandra LAWSON in collaboration with Devon McKNIGHT (two parts of US based collective SPARE ROOM).

We’re all doing it – texting, blogging, sampling, sharing and networking. Our generation exists somewhere in the limbo between the real and the hyper real; often favouring virtual platforms over face to face interactions and experiences. Incessantly and indiscriminately we disseminate information and share ideas, both with those around us and with complete strangers on the opposite side of the globe. We feed our voyeuristic and narcissistic human tendencies with tweets, posts and updates about ourselves and the places in which we exist.

The artists included in this exhibition present architectural and canvas paintings, collages, sound installations and spectral photographs, digital vector prints, projection mapping, both Internet based and fine art video works and an internationally collaborative ‘real time’ participatory project.

Essentially, InterScapes explores how the Technological Revolution has altered and shaped our perception of reality, space and landscape.