Jan Jorgensen: Selected Works

WHEN : 21st July – 9th August
WHERE : Lethbridge Gallery

“I am not interested in nostalgia but in the journey – I am a story teller- the past, present and future are all seen in my paintings.”

Well known for her iconic and charming paintings of Brisbane’s inner suburbs and city, Jan Jorgensen’s new collection features familiar and sometimes surprising streetscapes. Woven into the architecture and the history is the story of the places and the people who have lived there.

Along with a new release of her book ‘Changing Places’, Jan’s new collection is a journey through Brisbane, the suburban and inner city landscape Jan has grown up with. The falls, failings, aspirations and discoveries are portrayed symbolically – staircases and roads, open verandas; some barred and fenced in, deserted, or with a thoughtful chair waiting for someone to sit and think.

“I rarely paint flat areas as this journey is mostly uphill or sidelined into dead ends. Above all though, is the transforming light of hope and change – Brisbane, my home town, is just my canvas for the story.” – Jan Jorgensen


Dates: 21 July – 9 August 2017
Opening Event: 1pm–3pm Sunday 23 July 2017
Where: Lethbridge Gallery, 136 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington QLD 4064
Contact: For more information, please email the gallery at gallery@lethbridgegallery.com or phone Simone 0416 743 268