Jan Van Dijk: Sugar Damn Electric

WHEN : 23rd June - 23rd July
WHERE : Spiro Grace Art Rooms

Capturing obscure characters, gritty facades, and decrepit carnival rides, JAN VAN DIJK’s work reveals the beauty within these enigmatic people and places.  Van Dijk’s gestural paintings unravel a narrative of the futility and frailty of human kind. Dense brushwork and layered imagery dominate the picture plane as the works encapsulate convergent moments in time.

Having recently returned from two extended residencies with Parse Gallery in New Orleans, Jan Van Dijk’s exhibition Sugar Damn Electric captures a snapshot of the dualities and contradictions prevalent in this vibrant city.  The series of paintings depict obscure streetscapes, which celebrate the cities overlapping cultural landscapesContrasting colours and overlaying structures hint at the happenings behind the sturdy street facades.