Jonathan Crowther: Anything But Ordinary

WHEN : 4th - 16th July
WHERE : Lethbridge Gallery

Jonthan Crowther’s paintings sit within the still life genre exploring the overlooked ordinary everyday objects and materials of contemporary life. Using the lens of the camera Crowther investigate these objects at an intimate micro level transforming them into large macro sized hyperreal paintings. Utilising the tools of trompe l’oeil and classical painting techniques his artworks simulate a sculptural aesthetic engaging with the senses of the body, especially the sense of touch.

The ordinary mundane subject matter such as blu-tack or popcorn interplays with the dialogue of low and high forms of art making monuments of the unmonumental. Crowther’s work sits at this apex between low and high forms of art, the classical and contemporary and the relationship between sculpture, photography and painting.

Opening event: 3 – 5pm  4 July 2015