Josh Keep: The North – the Other Half of England

WHEN : 6th - 20th March
WHERE : Gallery Frenzy

Joshua Keep is opening his first solo exhibition, The North, the other half of England, at Gallery Frenzy on Friday 6 March 2015.  Continuing a proud Foto Frenzy tradition in this our twenty-third exhibition, Josh is one of many first time exhibitors.

Shot on a Mamiya 7 camera using 43mm and 80mm lenses, Josh has exposed Kodak Portra film in both 160 and 400ISO rolls.  The negatives were digitally scanned and printed by Andrew Merefield from Living Image Fine Art Printing Service. Human presence is inferred rather than shown, with few people populating his photographs.  The built environment is captured with great detail and describes a multi-cultural neighbourhood that is down on its luck.  The balance between British tradition and contemporary reality is displayed in gritty realism.