Julie Cane: Reflections

WHEN : 27th August - 7th September
WHERE : Lethbridge Gallery

As an artist Julie revels in the perfection of nature and the harmony of the perfect circle from seed to compost back to seed.

Utilising natural and manmade objects through her artworks, Julie highlights the use of raw materials taken from the ground and crafted into enduring objects that can be reused, cherished and handed down throughout the generations.

Julie’s ‘leaf’ paintings are made from leaves collected from Brisbane footpaths, highlight the balance in nature; commenting on modern society and how we might change the way we live, mimicking mother nature, reuse, recycle and reduce our impact on our home planet, Earth.

Opening Event: 3pm – 5pm 27 August 2016

Image: Autumn Fruits (2016), Oil on canvas, 51 x 51cm.