Kathryn Brimblecombe-Fox: CODE

WHEN : 21st July - 2nd August
WHERE : Graydon Gallery

In my paintings, I ‘play’ with perspective, landscape, the tree-of-life symbol, cosmology, various meanings of code and more. When I paint I think about all of these things and what they might mean in the cosmological and technological 21st century.
For example, the painting above is called Code. It ‘asks’ where the code of life might be found. Is it in the inherent symbolism of the age-old transcultural/religious tree-of-life or in binary code or perhaps in some other kind of code or maybe there is no code? If you look closely some of the tree’s branches are electronic circuits and the swirling tail of the tree ends in binary code for LIFE. A number of the paintings in the exhibition combine binary code, the tree-of-life, landscape and the cosmos.

For insight into my love of the tree-of-life please read TREE-OF-LIFE DREAMING


is a loaded word, with various permutations of meaning. There are security codes, secret codes, code breakers, speaking in ‘code’, criminal codes, codes of practice and behaviour, computer code, genetic code etc. Each permutation is linked ie: underlying arrangement of signals express information that is manifested into something or in behaviour.
 In the 21st century, with the explosion of technology, it is unseen computer code that ubiquitously impacts on our daily lives.
Image: Perspective oil on linen 36 x 36 cm, 2015