KD De Silva: Scenes Behind The Scene

WHEN : 7th - 18th October
WHERE : Lethbridge Gallery

KD De Silva’s new exhibition ‘Scenes Behind The Scene’ is a collection of thought provoking paintings about life’s journey.

“A painting hanging upon the wall is the final result, it may have taken a life time of learning, practice and work to create but all that is experienced by most is the end product.
The same is true for so much in life, the excitement, nervousness or expectation of a journey about to begin leaves little room for thoughts of the work done unseen to make the once impossible in to a modern reality.

It’s the ground work that lets us fly….” – KD De Silva

KD has been a finalist in a number of art prizes, including winning the category prize in the 2015 and 2016 Lethbridge 10 000 Small Scale Art Award. He has shown in solo and group exhibitions throughout Australia.