LAST thursdays: Angela Goh & JD Reforma

WHEN : 28th September, 6:30 - 9:00pm
WHERE : FAKE estate

Angela Goh / Scum Ballet, The Movie

‘Scum Ballet, The Movie’ is a film produced by Sydney based dancer and choreographer Angela Goh while in residence at Campbelltown Arts Centre during a creative development for a commissioned dance piece called ‘Scum Ballet’. Considered less a film reproduction of ‘Scum Ballet’ and more a sister piece to the dance, ‘Scum Ballet, The Movie’ inherently shares fundamental similarities with the dance whilst possesing her own personality, dreams and secrets. The video work was filmed over the course of an evening between rehearsals.

“But it didn’t feel like a giggly slumber party. It was like opening a portal to a mystical, strange place, which felt a little bit dangerous, but also very comforting. Very full and very empty at the same time. We woke up in the morning like, what happened? and went back to rehearsing the dance”.

Made in collaboration with and featuring: Eugene Choi, Ellen Davies, Verity Mackey and Ivey Wawn.

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