Lee Wilkes: Repose (and pursue)

WHEN : 2nd August - 2nd September
WHERE : Jan Manton Art

When lured into a state of hypnotic repose by a natural vista we experience a myriad of emotions. From elation and harmony to uncertainty and trepidation, a philosophically sublime experience without question. Being in this moment allows us to strip away the worries of the day and pursue a more pure and meaningful train of thought.

During these delicate moments of repose, I can’t help but think of my father, ten years since his passing. My search seems subliminal yetpredictably endless, perhaps equal to the distance of an infinite horizon. His image, voice and wisdoms still a vivid memory, scent and clothing still somewhat physically real, however he is now impossible to touch. Just as the landscape sits directly in front of me, yet is entirely out of reach. The undulation of distant mountains, impending domination of inclement weather or expanse of an infinite horizon all convey my endless pursuit, yet none can answer my questions.

This body of work acts as a representation of these sublime moments, which allow us to reflect without the compression of daily life. When you repose, what do you pursue?

Image details: To the four corners of the world, Oil on linen, 102cm x 102cm.2017