Leena Riethmuller: Body Information Workshops

WHEN : 30th January, 6:00 - 8:00pm
WHERE : Boxcopy ARI

The ‘Body Information Workshops’ are an ongoing study that involves gallery visitors completing tasks that document their body experience. At previous workshops, participants have completed actions with Leena including: brushing each other’s teeth, gesturing their heartbeat and using a neti pot. All of the sessions are documented, allowing audiences to access the workshops afterwards, without directly participating.

At Boxcopy, Leena will facilitate a number of tasks in one-on-one private sessions and group sessions from Monday 25 January – Wednesday 27 January. Workshop tasks will include various forms of performance, mindfulness, intimacy and good conversation.

Limited spaces are available and bookings are essential.

Bookings or questions? Contact Leena at mail@leenariethmuller.com. Further information about the workshops tasks will be provided when booking.

Join us for a one-night exhibition event at the conclusion of the project on Saturday 30 January at 6pm.