Lethbridge 10000 Finalists

WHEN : 27th September – 9th October
WHERE : Lethbridge Gallery

Lethbridge 10000 Finalists exhibition features a collection of the artists to watch that have been sourced from our annual art award, the Lethbridge 10000 Art Award.

The Artists are:

  • Selene Cochrane
  • Julie Cane
  • Martin Tighe
  • Michelle Caitens
  • Anne-Marie Zanetti
  • Lisa Christensen

These six artists each demonstrate exceptional skill with their paint medium and showcase the talent of emerging Australian artists.


For more information about the Lethbridge 10000 Finalists exhibition series please contact Simone on 0416 743 268 or gallery@lethbridgegallery.com

Opening drinks from 3-5pm on Saturday 27 September 2014

Preview catalogue at www.lethbridgegallery.com