Lisa Christensen & Alex Louisa

WHEN : 4th - 15th November
WHERE : Lethbridge Gallery

Lisa Christensen ‘Instinct’ 
Lisa Christensen investigates the space where reality blurs with the imaginary. She uses traditional still life techniques and subjects to explore the relationship between the natural world, and the world defined by man and his material objects and spaces.

‘I am interested in the disconnect that exists between ordered representations of nature and its inherent ‘uncivilised’ wildness. Wild nature enters domestic order in these still-life images which operate on a level of simple and humble beauty. They also explore the more violent reality of instinct and survival that underpins all of nature. This brings into focus our own inherent wildness and concession to instinct.’ – Lisa Christensen

Alex Louisa ‘Reflective’ 

Endlessly inspired by nature, Alex Louisa loves to pair highly detailed subjects next to unexpected backgrounds, such as splashy abstracts, experimental textures, crisp geometric patterns, or the sheer beauty of untouched wood grains.

Alex’s new exhibition focuses on how reflections change upon different shaped surfaces. She experiments with crumpled reflective surfaces which seemingly grabs ‘pops of colour’ from objects surrounding it and throws them back at random, almost like a picture that has been cut in to tiny pieces and rearranged’. Alex Louisa.

Opening event: Saturday 4 November 2017 3 – 5pm
Where: Lethbridge Gallery, 136 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington QLD 4064
Contact: For more information, please email the gallery at or phone Simone 0416 743 268

Image: Game | Lisa Christensen, Oil on canvas, 120 x 120cm