Live Performance: Amalia Pica – please open hurry

WHEN : 10th February - 10th March
WHERE : Institute of Modern Art

See a live performance in the gallery of Amalia Pica‘s work, ‘In alphabetical order (Catalogue of great ape gestures)’ (2018), choreographed with and performed by dancer Michael Smith.

In this piece, dancer Michael Smith interprets gestures used by great apes to intentionally communicate to one another. Taking the ‘St Andrews Catalogue of great ape gestures’ as the starting point for a choreographic score, ‘In alphabetical order (Catalogue of great ape gestures)’ imagines how humans might begin to communicate with apes using their own long-established methods rather than teaching them human systems.

The work is part of Amalia Pica’s exhibition ‘please open hurry’, on view at the IMA until 10 March, 2018.

Find out more on the IMA website here:

Performances will take place in the gallery at the following times:

-Saturday 10 February, 1pm
-Saturday 24 February, 1pm
-Saturday 3 March, 1pm
-Saturday 10 March, 3:30pm (to coincide with a Director’s Tour of the exhibition)

Image credit: Louis Lim