Living Springs – A solo exhibition by Elisa Jane Carmichael

WHEN : 4th – 10th Jan
WHERE : The Box, 29 Vulture Street, West End, Brisbane

Elisa Jane Carmichael is a descendant of the Ngugi people, one of the 3 clan groups of the Quandamooka people of Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia. The people of the sand and seas, Yoolooburrabee.

Elisa has recently relocated back to her home town, Brisbane, after traveling and working in Europe, New York and India, as well as living in London for 18months. During her time in London, Elisa exhibited her first solo collection ‘Mumberleya Tumbe’ in United Kingdoms leading fashion designer, Paul Smith’s store at Heathrow Airport, Departures Lounge, T5. She was selected for a group exhibition at the London 02 arena, exhibited in various spaces throughout East London and was chosen to perform for New York Feminist artist, Emily Roysdon’s live performance, I am a helicopter camera queen, at the Tate Modern Gallery.

Living Springs is a collection of work Elisa has developed over her time in London, New York, India and Brisbane. Inspired by the foreign lands, the diverse cultures around her and reflections upon her homeland, Elisa’s work includes an array of paintings, drawings and installations which she has produced after observing foreign grounds and then returning home to Quandamooka Country to nurture her own being in the nature of the Quandamooka homelands.

With this in mind, Elisa’s works highlight the spirit of life, inspired by her grandmas teachings and her families spiritual connections with the land and the importance of caring for country of belonging. This is her families essence of their connections to the environment. In the words of Elisa’s grandmother:

“Mother Earth provides holistic well being of the body, mind and spirit”…. We come from the land and the land owns us and is our very lifeblood” (Aunty Joan Hendriks)