Loki Groves: Holographic Song

WHEN : 17th - 25th November
WHERE : Wreckers Artspace

Wreckers Artspace proudly presents: HOLOGRAPHIC SONG by Loki Groves.

“have you heard about the technological singularity? do you think you will ever travel to another planet? how about interdimensional travel? what happens when you dream? what happens when you die? do you think about immortality? did you know trees communicate? and mushrooms? and birds have accents?

what type of animal would you like to be? where would you go?
would you like to see 8 times as many colours? breath underwater? would you be a giant space ship? or a cloud? what music do they have in zeta reticuli? what would be the first thing you’d make in a food replicator? what clothes would you wear if time was irrelevant and money was extinct? what does everything look like closer in and very far away?”

OPENING EVENT – 6-9pm Wed 22nd November
Exhibition open by appointment 17-25 Nov

Wreckers Artspace: 7 Lotus Street, Brisbane, Queensland,