Louise Bennett: The Sun from Your Past

WHEN : 2nd July, 6:00pm
WHERE : Clutch Collective

CLUTCH collective warmly invites you to join us in experiencing Louise Bennett’s new spatial video work, ‘The Sun From Your Past’. This exhibition will be site specific and has been developed in direct response to the CLUTCH truck.

Louise Bennett is an artist from Brisbane, Australia whose practice negotiates tensions between day-to-day experience and its mediation. Bennett narrates journeys in her car and in landscapes by using audio, video and text as tools to orchestrate specific experiences. These site-specific works, in addition to her video art practice, pose questions about how our concepts of and engagements with nature and each other shift in contemporary contexts dominated by screen-based technologies. Through a combination of digital and hand-made processes Bennett’s video works become media-specific analysis of screen space as an image with both sculptural and conceptual attributes.

Essay By Lisa Bryan Brown

Exhibition Address: Norman Buchan Park: 76 Rainworth Rd, Brisbane, Australia 4065