Luke Maninov Hammond: Beneath the Surface

WHEN : 16th June - 19th August
WHERE : Artisan

Beneath the Surface presents fine jewellery and objects by Luke Maninov Hammond which explore the shared patterns of life. Inspired by Luke’s work in neuroscience, delicate forms of ordered complexity simultaneously represent the invisible worlds of cellular machinery, marine life, and dynamic connectivity within the brain. More broadly, the works reflect the unfolding nature of life, inviting us to contemplate on our coming out of the world, rather than coming into it.

Luke Maninov Hammond is a Brisbane based jeweller and neuroscience imaging specialist, whose work has been exhibited internationally and featured in fashion magazines. In addition to jewellery and object fabrication, Luke is recognised for his contributions to teaching, applying advanced imaging techniques in neuroscience research and publishing. He works alongside neuroscientists investigating topics such as learning and memory, and diseases like Alzheimer’s and schizophrenia.

This exhibition is presented in partnership with Pieces of Eight Gallery and Queensland Brain Institute at University of Queensland.

Image: Luke Maninov Hammond, Unfolding (detail), 2017. Sterling silver, gold vermeil, patina,and Australian parti sapphires.