‘Luminous Interlude’ by Sonia Payes

WHEN : Until 24th March
WHERE : Queensland Centre of Photography

Sonia Payes’s Luminous Interlude Icescape series explores the natural landscape and the act of creating as a core of contemplative and spiritual understanding. The works extend from Payes’s interest in dichotomies such as illusion/reality, imagined imagery/traditional imagery, real/unreal and external/internal. These landscapes become challenged within a framework that has elements of reality; creation, pro-creation, evolving and transforming. Like a hallucinatory vision, multiple transformative states of being are thrust into a somewhat immersive and imaginative territory. There is a sense of re-birth and of dark encounters that shifts between a dreamt world and emotional experience.

Image : Sonia Payes ‘Ice Scape Series #12’ 2011 – C-Type print, flex paper, dibond backing, face mounted to acrylic

Text : QCP, 2013