M E S M E R I S M Summer Festival

WHEN : 20th - 21st February
WHERE : Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts

Enter the hypnotic, immersive, vibrational world of sonic artist Luke Jaaniste.

As part of his Fresh Ground residency, Luke is creating and curating a series of sonic immersions, to mesmerise your body, mind and soul. This is listening for your whole body, in a vibrational space of sound, presented in an emptied out, darkened Performance Space at the Judy with the comfiest cushions in the universe. Lie down, sit and walk around. Find the place your body loves, and luxuriate.

For the //// M E S M E R I S M //// Summer Festival, Luke presents performance-installations full of vibrating, twitching, trembling performer sing , including eletro-muscle-stimulation, string instruments lying on the floor, a super resonant grand piano, and post-classical ensemble playing along with an orchestra of vintage keyboards.

FRIDAY // a night of tremble-ing, tremolo-ing performers, featuring an electro-shocked string quartet (Michaela Davies, Sydney) and thunderous grand piano (Luke Jaaniste).

SATURDAY // the hypnotic PORTAL project for many identical vintage keyboards (Luke Jaaniste) is joined by the amplified throbbing of electric guitars including Chris Perren (Nonsemble, Software of Seagulls, Mr Maps) and Seamus Kirkpatrick (King Colossus).

Stay tuned for //// M E S M E R I S M //// Autumn Festival in May.

The Mesmerism series has been supported by the Judith Wright Centre’s Fresh Ground artist-in-residence program, made possible through Arts Queensland.