Madeleine Stack : Future Skinned

WHEN : 21st February - 10th March
WHERE : Metro Arts

The thing was that, not for the first time, I was away from someone I wanted to be with. The difference this time was that my feeling was not always that I wanted to be with this person. some days I wanted to be with them very much, and ached a little at their absence, whereas other days I barely thought of them at all. In between those days were days where I tried to interrogate my feelings to see which side they really lay on, but it functioned like a scale, and as soon as I sat down on one side and emptied the other of feeling my side plummeted to the ground, knocking me off violently. The thing was that I wanted to be with someone, because I wasn’t with anyone, but could it be anyone I wanted to be with or were they the someone it had to be? The thing was that I wanted to be with them but I didn’t want to be in the place where they were, and they was tethered to the place that I didn’t want to be, and therefore our being together seemed untenable, in that place or in any other. All this time we were writing each other letters. And the letters they wrote were more weight on the side of desire, because the images within were so strange and beautiful, and the letters I wrote them were still more weight on the side of desire, because they as audience compelled me to produce stranger and more beautiful images, in order that they would respond in kind. So the letters weighed heavy on the side of desire, but also on its opposite, because the letters would reach their conclusion when we were reunited, in fact were geared towards that very conclusion, at which time the weight of delayed desire could in all possibility have knocked us off the scale violently and sunk us to the bottom of the sea.

Opening: 21 February 2018, 6pm

Gallery: Metro Arts Gallery 2, Level 2