Magic Miles | Audrey Lam

WHEN : 20th February - 2nd March

Magic Miles is set in one of those ordinary afternoons when somehow small details and experiences collide to become an exhilarating and perfect moment, maybe palpable only to you, you who it comes to more easily because you’re young and invincible, exuberant for anything and everything matters, even – or especially because – the ordinary stuff consumes you, like the fun of a crush, the thrill of a new album, the drive on a glorious day – you live such days with unassailable charm and hunger.

– Audrey Lam

Opening Thursday February 20 at 6pm @ A-CH Gallery West End

Film and Photographs with performance by David Creed

The film features
Xiao Deng and Athena Thebus,
Sarah Byrne, Matt Earle, David Creed
Primitive Motion and Scraps