Memory Motel

WHEN : 28th July, 6:00 – 9:00pm
WHERE : Anthea Polson Art

The quite extraordinary Memory Motel exhibition of paintings, drawings and installation pieces continues Peta Houghton’s “ongoing autobiographical project.” This new body of work however, is also a very personal meditation on the transience of the physical body, the mind and memory. “Through old family images and memories, or more specifically, memories of memories, I am endeavouring to investigate the representation of the body as a site of instability,” offers Peta. Vacillating between fragility and resolute expressiveness, the quality of Peta’s line and brushwork evokes the fluctuating emotions concurrent with change and impermanence. Simulatneously provocative and vulnerable, the dark haired, smudgy-eyed protagonist embodies a quest towards integration, reconciliation and sealf-realisation.

Image : Peta Houghton