Michael Simms: Temporal

WHEN : 2nd March - 1st April
WHERE : Lethbridge Gallery Bulimba

Figurative artist Michael simms was awarded the Cambridge Studio Gallery Portrait Prize, as well as the Cliftons Sydney Art Prize and the Cliftons People’s Choice Award. He has been a finalist in several major art awards, including the Black Swan Prize for Portraiture, the Emerging Artists Award, the Calleen Art Award, the Contemporary Art Awards and the Percival Tucker Portrait Prize.

This series of work reflects an overall facination with moments of transformation and change.  It also explore the complex relationships we all have to the environment – the variability of the natural world that is governed by forces outside of our control.  It is the tension between the precarious and the sublime aspects of the natural world that is the genesis of each of these works.

“I recently discovered the peculiar and striking works of the French symbolist painters of the late 19th century and was moved by their depictions of the subconscious.  This lead me to delve into the imagery from my own recurring dreams and carefully craft images that in some way reflected these memories.”

Image: Endurance | Michael Simms | Oil on canvas | 46 x 66cm