Mina Mina Maranoa

WHEN : 20th March, 5:30-8:00pm
WHERE : Fireworks Gallery

A new exhibition featuring Joanne Currie Nalingu and Dorothy Napangardi.

Inspired by her interest in traditional shield designs from the Maranoa River where she grew up, Joanne Currie presents the work Maranoa Relic 2011 – a lyrical artwork with a strong political resonance that is infused with her characteristic river painting style.
The importance of the river as a metaphor is constant in Joanne’s painting, as the river takes her back to the hardships of her early life, living on the banks of the Maranoa at the Yumba mission near Mitchell, west Queensland.

Dorothy Napangardi is a Warlpiri woman born in the early 1950s at Mina Mina, west of Mt Doreen and Yuendumu in the Northern Territory of Australia. Living for the greater part in Alice Springs, Dorothy began painting generic ‘bush tucker’ designs in 1987. Working outside of art community pressures and politics allowed Dorothy to experiment with painting formats and explore new directions. Such developments throughout the 1990s, along with pilgrimages back into her heartland, undoubtedly sponsored a re-focus on the forms and structures of her jukurrpa and stories associated with Mina Mina. This culminated into the distinctive grid-patterned designs that Dorothy is now so widely recognised for including Salt Pan images and Digging Stick Dreaming