Monica Rohan : Inside Out

WHEN : 14th Sep – 13th Oct
WHERE : Spiro Grace Art Rooms

Monica Rohan’s work uses narrative devices to draw out an emotional response from the viewer. The situations she depicts are mundane, yet they are made to seem strange and ominous. Derived from staged photos of herself reacting to her environment, the images undergo a transformation through the painting process, warping her surroundings to dissolve boundaries between what’s real inside one’s head and what’s real physically. Rohan explores the disruption of familiar scenes and how this can cause the viewer to doubt their perceptions of reality. This questioning reflects an emotional consciousness, as the viewer is made aware of the doubt that they feel in themselves. Rohan’s paintings in effect question one’s state of emotional consciousness, and how one views themselves from the perspective of this intense self-awareness.

Image : Vines by Monica Rohan