Mutual making: conversations in the forest

WHEN : 29th October, 1:00 - 5:00pm
WHERE : Karawatha Forest Discovery Centre

Join artist Caitlin Franzmann and friends in celebrating the closing of her six-month residency at Karawatha Forest with an afternoon of art and conversation considering this unique place and the relationships we form with the natural world.

1pm // Artist Dhana Merritt will welcome visitors with Karawatha Forest inspired refreshments as part of her interactive artwork, DM Teahouse.

1:30pm // Following welcoming words by Aunty Lilla Watson, artist Carol McGregor will invite visitors to join a yarning circle. The circle formed will become a safe and inclusive space to grow cultural knowledge and understanding of traditional plants and their uses by Australian indigenous people.

2:30pm-5pm // Experience experimental one-on-one encounters with Caitlin Franzmann and Sally Molloy. Select a card from Caitlin’s new Karawatha divination cards (created in collaboration with Man Cheung) and discover what we might learn from the plants, rocks and animals of the forest. ‘Confess’ your stories or unresolved feelings to artist Sally Molloy about any experience you’ve had relating to the death of an animal. You will be absolved. Your confession will become part of Sally’s ongoing series Memorial To All The Animals We’ve Ever Had To Kill.

Musician, Mckisko, will see the afternoon out with her slow-creeping sketches of sound.

This residency and event is supported by Brisbane City Council.

Image credit: Photographs by Man Cheung for Caitlin Franzmann’s Karawatha Forest divination cards