Nadine Cameron: The Creations of Nebulae

WHEN : 19th November - 20th December
WHERE : Jan Manton Art

Through her practice and creation of exquisitely beautiful, hand crafted objects, Nadine Cameronexplores various concepts including the cultural relevance of body adornment and heraldry, and the symbolism and awarding rituals of medals and explores the concepts of time and space in small scale sculptures. 

Through these works Cameron reflects on universal systems of meaning and understanding. This exhibition will present examples of her ongoing inquiry into the cosmos, geological time frames, the ephemerality of time and space, and the overwhelming and unfathomable enormity of the reality within which we exist.

The works in the exhibition will utilise ancient materials from the earth/universe, including faceted, multicoloured semi precious gems, stones, silver, gold and brass to explore these concepts.

Within the order and structures of these hand crafted objects, Cameron explores an avid interest in scrying, divination and universal systems, astronomy, celestial bodies, beauty and the ambiguity between our desire for order and predictability and the seemingly random aspects of nature.

“The gem is such a powerful object and can be viewed as a symbol of time as you can hold the passing of millions of years in your hand. The push and pull literally and figuratively between objects like moons, stars and planets and humans is also intriguing.”

“The nebulous unknown will always hold intrigue and power until all is known and discovered. I hope that by creating beautiful, thought provoking artworks these ideas can be reflected upon by the viewer. I hope these works in some way can begin to mirror the beauty of the natural world that envelopes us”