Nature Documentary

WHEN : 6th - 16th June
WHERE : Jugglers Artspace

A group exhibition of 3 TAFE students, specially chosen from there graduating exhibition by the Director of Jugglers art Space, Peter Breen. Artists include Briony Law, Damian Jacinto and Scott Siden.
Briony Law
For the exhibition, Nature Documentary, Briony Law presents works that document aspects of her nature through selected outcomes from her first semester of a BFA at QUT.

With an emphasis on materiality, these installation-based works explore process, as Law identifies and experiments with the intrinsic properties of the raw materials. Furthermore, the works investigate issues of sustainability, both in the context of an environmental conscience, and as a means of maintaining an artistic practice on a budget. The series Open Tasks demonstrates Law’s innate ability to recontextualise, reuse, recycle, and transform materials, prolonging the life of what might otherwise be considered disposable or detritus.


 Damian Jacinto

Damian Jacinto’s art mainly consists of drawings and sketches using the preferred media of graphite, pencil and pen on paper. Although he also enjoys drawing from life with charcoal on paper, and painting with ink on watercolour paper. Recurring imagery and concepts in Jacinto’s work are realistic fantasy art and human anatomy, particularly muscle structure.  A focus on tone and detail in the imagery is central to his works. Jacinto draws inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, CT Nelson and H.R Giger. He is interested in making drawings similar to Da Vinci’s and Michelangelo’s anatomy studies and muscular figures using his own realist style and imagination.

Jacinto has recently become interested in using found insects, in different ways.  For Nature Documentary exhibition, Jacinto displays his first series of works exploring the use of insects in his art.


 Scott Siden

For this exhibition, Scott Siden presents works about his idea of people’s daily routines and comment on human nature with tones of ‘dark humour’.

Siden’s works are not initiated with intention to produce art about one subject or another but rather come from constant drawing. Sometimes the drawings are left in his sketchbook and other times they develop into more in-depth ideas and detailed works.