Objects and Energies

WHEN : 5th March - 7th May
WHERE : Caboolture Regional Art Gallery

Objects & Energies features three artists from different generations and backgrounds who are inspired by natural phenomena and who use drawing as a way to make visible the invisible. Joyce Hinterding, Agnes Martin and Linda Matalon are interested in non-objectivity and their works convey physical, temporal, scientific and transcendental ideas and experiences.

The power of their images lies not in explicit observation and representation – despite their interest in, and investigations of, the natural world – but in their embrace of abstraction and non-figurative representation. As artists they pursue thoughts and experiences, imagining and translating what is in the mind rather than the physical world.

While the artists exhibit quite divergent approaches, drawing is a medium that is central to each of them. They also share an engagement in the repetition of certain forms, the process of marking time, delineating space and ideas about the infinite through recurring visual codes. Their works deny a one-point perspective and offer instead a sense of the boundless, non-hierarchical and infiniteIy extendable.

Curated by Katie Dyer, Objects & Energies: Joyce Hinterding, Agnes Martin, Linda Matalon is touring to galleries in New South Wales and Queensland. Linda Matalon’s artist-in-residence at the National Art School and Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery was supported by Museums & Galleries of NSW and the Copyright Agency Limited.

Image: Joyce Hinterding, Dirty Drawings: Loops and fields Induction Drawings series 4- 25/11/2010-6/7/2011, Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne, 2010, graphite ink and metal contacts on Arches 100% rag watercolour paper,  58 x76 cm, Collection of the artist. Photo: Anthony Wheelan, Courtesy the artist.