On a Roll

WHEN : 30th January – 12th March
WHERE : Pine Rivers Art Gallery

On a Roll is an exhibition and  portfolio of fine art prints created in 2005 commemorating and celebrating the 100th anniversary of women’s voting rights and the 40th anniversary of Indigenous people’s voting rights in Queensland.

The folio was curated by Moreton Bay regional printmaker Debra Russell for Brisbane based Impress Printmakers Inc. Twenty prints from a portfolio of thirty- three have been selected for this particular exhibition at the Pine Rivers Art Gallery.

In keeping with the theme of equality for all Queenslanders artists representing a broad cross section of Queensland society were brought together to make prints in response to these anniversaries. The overall aim in the selection of artists was to produce a body of work that would be appreciated by successive, future generations of Queenslanders, and to highlight the importance of equality by crossing the boundaries of race, gender, age and educational qualifications. From the very early stages of development, the project was therefore committed to the values of inclusion.

In 2016, the Print Council of Australia is celebrating 50 years by dubbing 2016 the Year of Print. Moreton Bay Regional Council will be supporting the Year of the Print by exhibiting print works by leading printmakers to encourage appreciation and discussion on contemporary practices of printmaking.

The On a Roll folio of prints was gifted to Moreton Bay Regional Council Art Collection by printmaker and artist Ellie Neilsen.

Exhibition Opening: 11 for 11.30am Saturday 30 January 2016       

Image: Glenda Orr, Australian Women, Diverse Lives, 2005, etching, 36.6 x 24.7cm