What’s On

Anastasia Tyurina: H20+

WHEN : 30th March - 16th April
WHERE : POP Gallery

Anastasia Tyurina’s visual art project involves aesthetic approaches to scientific photography made by a Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), a tool that has ...

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WHEN : 3rd December - 17th April
WHERE : Gallery of Modern Art

GOMA. A place where people come together to be inspired and imaginations spark. A place where ideas meet. This summer will ...

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Mike Skelton: Exposed

WHEN : 20th - 23rd April
WHERE : Maud Creative

EXPOSED presents a rare opportunity to experience an insightful and inspirational array of images by photographer Mike Skelton. A ravishing exhibition ...

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Bleach* Festival

WHEN : 31st March - 16th April
WHERE : Gold Coast

Bleach* Festival illuminates, reflects, beams, focuses and most importantly connects art, with community. Bleach* Festival 2017 explores the convergence of sport ...

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Tapestry Design Prize

WHEN : 14th March - 1st April
WHERE : Artisan

The 2016 Tapestry Design Prize for Architects (TDPA) invited designs for a hypothetical tapestry to hang in the National Gallery of Australia. There ...

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