PechaKucha Brisbane Vol 35.

WHEN : 4th December, 8:20pm
WHERE : Brisbane Powerhouse

PechaKucha Night takes place in 704 cities around the world. Be inspired by Brisbane’s creatives who each present 20 slides, 20 seconds each, 6 mins 40 seconds of inspiration.

Volume 35 Speakers :

  • CJ Hendry [Illustrator] Photorealistic drawings using only black ink as her medium.
  • Jane Edminston [Ceramist] Intricacy, colour, imagation
  • Text & Image [Westend Street Magazine] Design, Art, Photography, Street Press
  • Kate Jardine [Paediatrician/Photographer] Stories and photos from working on the Thai Burma Border.
  • Alison McDonald [Architects/Real Studio] Rebuilding the ruins
  • Mathew Vola [Structural Designer] Parametric Design
  • Sarah Winter [Artist] Visual threatre making