Peter McLean : In Place

WHEN : 11th Jan – 23rd Feb / Opening 11th Jan, 6:00pm
WHERE : Brisbane Institute of Art

Being In Place is about being fully engaged with the world around you, so that place becomes active in our experience, rather than mere setting or background. For this artist, the feeling of being fully In Place, is experienced most keenly within the natural environment and remote locations. Having engaged actively with a place, he then seeks to distil a kind of essence or spirit of the place to express through image-making. In Place will showcase Peter’s varied responses to the diverse locations he has worked in over recent years, including residencies in Finland and USA. Images range from representational to symbolic, and techniques from the traditional to the truly innovative, but always thoughtful and elegant with a restrained aesthetic.

Peter McLean graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Art (honours) from the Printmaking and Drawing Workshop at the ANU Scool of Art in 2009, and has been exhibiting and teaching regularly since then, including at the National Art School (Sydney) and Megalo Print Workshop (Canberra). He has recently moved back to Queensland and established a studio in the rural hinterland of the Sunshine Coast and this is the first opportunity for Brisbane audiences to see his work for some years.