Piyali Ghosh: Insomnia

WHEN : 24th November - 5th December
WHERE : Woolloongabba Art Gallery

“The vertical and the horizontal, the landscape and the portrait, the figure and the ground—these frictions are subtly manifested in the behaviours of sleeping and the behaviours of waking. Ghosh’s works occupy an uncertain space, and although she has described it as a space of death and rebirth, it seems more apt to describe it as a space of fleeting revelation and loss.”

Essay Extract by:
Dr William Platz
Griffith Centre for Creative Arts Research
Queensland College of Art | Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia

Insomnia is an installation of drawings, sculptural drawings and videos.

Exhibition Opening: 27th November 2015

Piyali Ghosh is an international artist-in-residence and guest of Woolloongabba Art Gallery. This is the first part of the Insomnia series; the second part to be exhibited in 2016.