Portable – Product Design Tour 2012

WHEN : 14th Feb, 3:00 – 5:00pm
WHERE : The Edge, State Library of Queensland

Never has it been easier to come up with an innovative product idea and deliver it to the world. This February, Portable is proud to present Product Design 2012. In a two hour salon style presentation we will be exploring the complexities of conceiving, designing, funding and launching online products to an international audience.

Joined by Leni Mayo, founding investor of 99designs, the world’s largest online marketplace for crowdsourced graphic design who have recently raised over $35 million in investment. Joining Leni is Shainiel Deo, CEO of the game design company Halfbrick, who’s behind some of the world’s most popular mobile game apps, and whose title ‘Fruit Ninja’ has had over 100 million downloads. Both will draw upon their own success stories in designing products for international audiences, while also highlighting the most important global trends in product design.

This Portable Talks series has been especially curated for creative individuals and companies wanting to make the leap into designing online products for international audiences. Designed to be a conversation, the event will run through the main points of starting and scaling a product business, from conception, to investment and future planning. In doing so, Portable Talks will provide a comprehensive forum for networking with designers, product developers, technologists, entrepreneurs and investors.


Leni Mayo, Founding Investor, 99designs
Shainiel Deo, CEO, Halfbrick
Simon Goodrich, Co-Founder Portable

For more information or for interview requests please contact Madeleine Gasparinatos – maddie@portable.tv or (02) 9380 9488 or visit www.portable.tv for more information.