QACI Graduate Exhibition

WHEN : 26th August - 6th October
WHERE : Gallery 61, Kelvin Grove

Queensland Academies Creative Industries (QACI) welcomes you to the Visual Arts 2017 graduate showcase, exIBit.

exIBit will feature our Year 12 graduating students’ diverse creative research over three years of rigorous International Baccalaureate study in Visual Arts. With over thirty individual bodies of work presented, interpreting the complexity of social, historical, cultural, and environmental issues faced by these young artists, QACI is proud to have fostered these inquisitive, informed and innovative artistic voices that have made the unknown known.

As a school that has become identifiable in the broader community as an educational institution that expects extremely high levels of work from its students across all disciplines, this event expresses the calibre of their efforts. Students of Visual Arts at QACI pursue originality, uniqueness and the ever sought after ‘happy accident’ of material alchemy. In many ways, they are scientists of materials and authors of narratives.

Aiming for a 7pm start, Claudia Husband, a print media artist based in Brisbane will open this exhibition in Gallery 61 on Saturday 26 August. The exhibition will continue until October 6th. Open weekdays 10am-2pm.