Queer College of Art + SOSO

WHEN : 14th February - 7th March
WHERE : Online

S0S0 ♡ QueerCollegeOfArt

A collaborative collection of essays on artistic intersections with queer culture + t
ech + futurism + intersectional feminism + digital agency. 
The aim of this project, and it’s collected library of texts, is to improve the accessibility of catalytic works and ideas, and to help foster an open and nuanced dialogue through safe, open, networked communities.

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About S0S0:

We are an artist-run space created to explore the functionalities and possibilities of the online realm as an artistic space. 

S0S0 functions as an ongoing online exhibition space, as well as a facilitator for proposals of any creative discipline that engage with digital technologies.
Our 2018 program include a diverse range of projects, from solo + group exhibitions to workshops, reading groups and hack-a-thons.