Rearview: Looking Back On Brisbane

WHEN : 12th April, 6:00pm
WHERE : Vision Studio, Level II, Factory II, Absoe. 51 Mollision Street, West End (cnr of Boundary and Mollison, behind the Gunshop).

A retrospective photography exhibition by photographer Dan Quinn.

Dan Quinn first received a camera when he was the wee age of 13. He was a suburban ‘sufferer’, living in the bindi-ridden, cultureless, suncrusted, streets of Holland Park in the 50s and 60s. The gift of his Voigtländer, his introduction to photography, luckily, added a new dimesion to his life.

Quinn’s works capture three decades of Brisbane 1960s – 1980s. A Brisbane Gen X and Gen Y aren’t too familiar with; and an era most baby boomers are. Rebelling against the conservative post-Victorian ideals, still evident in society even today, and against the straight-laced post-war times, Quinn and his comradery lived a fruitfull, yet challanging life, resisiting the norm, contributing to carving the freedom-path for the future generations to enjoy.

Quinn’s work captures the transition from the ‘old folk’, the conservative and uptight adults of the time, to the ‘new folk’, the bohmenian, socially conscious and free-thinking younger generations.

The collection is curated by Quinn’s daughter Mara Quinn, also a photographer and artist.