Rebecca Ross : Grid Trip

WHEN : 19th April – 11th May
WHERE : Spiro Grace Art Rooms

‘Grid Trip’ is an exhibition of colourful, bold and striking new works by Queensland artist Rebecca Ross, influenced by her passion for travel and exploration. Using maps and memorabilia collected during her recent travels to Italy, Ross’ work employs various forms of ‘gridding’ as a way of recording and collating her journey.

Through the concept of the grid, Ross pays homage to mapping and cartography practices. Using atlas maps as ready-made materials that are then re-imagined in form and colour, she creates new visual terrains that are at once familiar and unfamiliar to the viewer. Her new series of works employ processes of layering, overlapping and collaging whereby the maps, lines, text, and colours are woven, cut and collaged to pinpoint specific locations or moments in time from her travels.