Reform: Art in Public Spaces

WHEN : 20th February - 3rd March
WHERE : Creative Industries Precinct, QUT

Brisbane Street Art Festival (BSAF) is an annual, city-wide outdoor art festival and your chance to engage with some of Australia’s incredible creative talent across multiple sites, venues and artistic disciplines.

As part of the BSAF, ReForm will take creative works and art by QUT students and alumni to the streets and the public. With a focus on short-term installations, creative interventions, ephemeral light works and interactive works, ReForm will transform the Creative Industries Precinct into an avenue for artistic expression and endeavours.

Learn and be inspired at ReForm’s series of free and low-cost workshops facilitated by local artists and makers.


Jordan Azcune, Andy Bates, Bronte Billman, Tom Emmett, Torin Francis, Georgia Fronis, Kurt Longland, Yu Kao, Stephanie McKinnon, Ben Pierce, Georgia Pinn, Elizabeth Shepphard


QUT School of Design student collective The Dub will be continuing their yearly Bambuild series. This structure will be the fifth instalment by the Dub on a new site at QUT’s Kelvin Grove campus. The Dub’s project team will be designing and installing a temporary bamboo pavilion that aims to highlight the structural applications of bamboo and showcase current student work to the greater design and Brisbane community. The Dub are interested in developing skills and awareness in traditional passive construction techniques that allow for reuse of natural materials post their showcase installation.