Retro Collective featuring Angela Davies

WHEN : 18th May, 6:00pm
WHERE : White Canvas Gallery

Local artist, Angela Davies, works individually and collaboratively to create experimental works grounded in a bold sense of design. A selection of these works will be on display in the artist’s first solo exhibition, titled ‘Retro Collective’, at White Canvas Gallery. Davies describes the exhibition as autobiographical in nature and likens each canvas to a page from her journal.

She regularly collaborates with artists who participate in ‘Art Jam’ sessions hosted by Art Klub. These sessions began twelve years ago when a number of local artists, musicians and writers gathered to explore new directions in art making. “Each event provides a fun and relaxed outlet for creative expression,” says Davies.

Visitors to ‘Retro Collective’ will find difficulty in distinguishing Davies’ individual works from her collabora- tive works. “What’s interesting is the way my solo work sits with the collaborative work,” says Davies. “Art Klub has inspired me in my own art practice and has also provided an open environment where experimentation is encouraged. This has led to the development of new techniques which I have then implemented in my solo work so there is a definite connection between the pieces.” Whilst her style varies, Davies’ distinctive sense of design persists in each work.

Exhibition Dates – 17th – 22 May

IMAGE ‘Tunnel of Time’, Angela Davies, mixed media, 60 x 120cm